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Hello My Dear friends,

Welcome to ngaur.com.

We are a group of people who like to repair computers, telephones, routers, software and sharing interesting tips tricks. In bold line, we are internet lovers who like sharing our experience.

We are sure that free information and basic advice should be free for everyone.

We work hard to make sure you get the information you need when you repair your device or software.

We are a group of people who welcome anyone who wants to provide free assistance to others.

In our community, we have MCSA and Cisco certified experts who really know what they are talking about when they send us articles.

We believe that if we do a lot of research and quality, this guide can be easy for many people. They can save money and time there. We like to study and do experiments.

We want to repair computers (laptops, desktops), routers, printers, antivirus and cellular devices.

Here are some issues where we can help you step by step.

We try to cover almost all the problems associated with this device and software and some tips tricks that may useful to you.