How to Clean Junks in Your Laptop

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How to Clean up Junks in Your Laptop – junks is unnecessary and makes your computer slow. Junk files can use up a lot of space on your laptop. The remaining space on your PC can affect the operation of your computer. If it’s too tight, it can make your computer run slower than usual.

That is why you should try cleaning trash from time to time. Every time you open a program on your PC, junk files are created automatically. Trash includes:

  • Cached data,
  • Temporary file,
  • Digital detritus,
  • Thumbnails

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This can take up a lot of space and if you don’t fix it, it can affect the functioning of your PC. Deleting this file will give you space that you can use to save more important files. Besides the speed of your laptop, why else are you trying to clean up junk?

Cleaning your computer is a way to create space that you can use for more important files. This is a way to fix a slow PC. If you search, for example, an online essay editor, data is collected from your search history and stored as junk.

The problem with junks is that you usually don’t know when it was made. So, this makes you ignore it. Most people don’t realize they have junk on their PC. Only when you start having problems do you realize the amount of junk on your laptop.

There are several ways you can clean your PC junk. You can delete junk messages using any or all of the methods listed below. This method does not require you to pay anything. However, in order for you to completely delete some files from your computer, you might need another application. Some of them require you to pay.

Using the Windows cleaning application

How to Clean Junks in Your Laptop

Windows laptops come with a cleaning application known as the Disk Cleanup Tool. This is one of the applications you can use to erase unnecessary data from your PC. How it works You start looking for this application in the search bar. Once you open the application, it will scan your computer and calculate the amount of space occupied by junk files.

When you finish scanning your computer, the Disk Cleanup Tool will show you a list of all files considered junk. You can then continue and delete these files, creating more space on your PC.

Stop the start of some programs

Another way to clean your computer junk is to stop the automatic execution of some programs. What does this? Well, if some programs do not start automatically, you can control the amount of junk files your laptop creates. You can do this with Task Manager. Task Manager allows you to control programs that start once you start using your laptop.

Start by searching the Task Manager with the search button. Once the icon appears, click on it. Then, continue to select the Start tab that shows all the programs that start automatically. Select the program you don’t want to start with Windows and then disable it. The good thing about this method is you can select program whenever you want. All you have to do is by selecting the program you want to delete.

Remove unnecessary programs

Most of the time your laptop can be loaded with programs that you cannot use. These programs may be taking up more space than you might imagine. Therefore, cleaning them will increase the speed of your laptop. For those who use Windows 10, this is a very easy task. Simply search for “Add or Remove Programs.” Then select the program you want to delete.

You can do this in Windows 8 by searching for “Uninstall” in the Search Charm. Doing so gives you the opportunity to remove all the applications that you are not using. However, you should remember that, you cannot remove all junks of some programs, even after deleting them.

  • Revo Uninstaller,
  • AVG TuneUp,
  • CCleaner,
  • IObit Uninstaller


Be sure to back up your files before beginning this process. This is important so that you do not delete important documents. Remove trash from your laptop frequently to prevent it from accumulating. If you continue to do so, it will prevent your laptop from slowing down. Then you can enjoy the speed at which the programs are loaded on your laptop.