How To Fix Android Phone Sound not Working

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Right now, we don’t use the telephone just to calling. We use music player, camera, and even we like to make video calls and much more.

When sound doesn’t work on your cellphone, it make problems for you, so you can’t use it as you wish.

Solve basic sound problems on mobile phone

Here are some steps to resolve your sound problem on your cellphone:

  1. Check your phone volume: press the button to increase / decrease the volume and increase the volume.
  2. Restart your cellphone and remove your headphones and clean the headphone jack.

3. Mute / active vibration switch

  • Open Settings>
  • Play sound>
  • Go to volume. Once you are in the settings, you can adjust the music volume, ringtones and notifications.
sound problems on mobile phone

4. Update your firmware

  • Open Settings>
  • Tap on mobile / device
  • Now touch system update / software update
  • Tap to check for updates.

Download the latest updates for your mobile.

5. Check your music application and clear the cache

  • Open the last setting
  • Touch the application
  • Open your music player and then click delete data.

6. Remove moisture

Turn off your phone, remove the battery / SIM card / memory card. You can now remove residue or moisture by shaking the hair dryer at a low temperature on the phone.

Check the sound of the your phone

7. Install SoundAbout from Play Store

  • Install the SoundAabout application on your mobile through the Play Store and select audio media preferences.
  • Select Let App Decide.
Fix Android Phone Sound not Working

8. You can also try this option:

The solution is simple, turn on the speaker and receiver again with the code * # * # 0673 # * # * and press the speaker on, then the receiver turns on and then the speaker turns on again. In an instant all sound returned.

9. Restart your Phone

  • You can also try resetting your phone, i.e. restore your phone to factory settings.
  • Open Settings.
  • Touch backup and reset.
  • Click factory data reset (erase all phone data)
  • Remove the SD card
  • Touch reset phone. Now check your voice if it doesn’t work, try step 6.
Android Sound Not Coming Out

Full factory data reset

  • Play the recording on your external speaker.
  • If you can listen to audio, the speakers are fine.
  • Now, if you can’t, try to perform the factory data reset, but back up your data.

If none of the steps above solve your Android speaker problem, check your phone at the service center. You might have a hardware problem, which means you have to replace the speaker.

I hope this helps you improve the sound of your cellphone.