How to Fix Laptop Computer Won’t Turn on

How to 1997

Let’s go directly to the point where we understand that many people face the problem of computer startup with laptops or desktops that do not start and turn on.

The laptop does not turning or the computer boot problem

Case 1: the laptop does not start:

  • Try these steps and see if this will solve your laptop’s boot problem:
  • Simply unplug the battery from the laptop (the battery may run out) wait about 5 minutes.
  • Now plug the battery back into the laptop and connect the charger. Let the laptop charge for a minimum of 30 minutes.
  • Try booting the laptop and see if your laptop is booting.
  • After this, if your laptop does not start, press the power key and hold it down for 20 seconds and see if this will help to start your laptop.
How to Fix Laptop Computer Won’t Turn on
  • You can try to boot your laptop while it is plugged in with power because in some cases your battery may also be dead, so be sure to follow all these steps.

Case 2: the laptop turns on but turns off automatically

  • Just try to go in safe mode with F8 and perform a reset or restore.
  • Try to verify the BIOS settings and make sure the hard driver is selected as the main boot device.
  • Remove any other cable or additional device if it is plugged to the laptop, which can also be a reason for this boot problem.

Case 3: the desktop does not start or does not turn on

With desktop computer you can try many options

  • The first thing to make sure is that you are receiving power from your desktop computer. Check the power cord and the power outlet for this.
  • Now try to hold and press the power key for 20 seconds and see if this helps to start.
  • the desktop you can open the cover your desktop computer, and the check the smps
  • clean the dust inside the desk and verify that none of the cables are broken or damaged
  • try looking at the VGA cable (video cable) and make sure it is plugged into the computer.
Fix Laptop Computer Won’t Turn on
  • After all these steps, see if the computer boot problem was fixed.

After all, I can only suggest that you contact the manufacturer and let them take a look.