How to Fix Toshiba Screen is Black After Startup

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Here are some tips for fixing a black screen

  • Shut down your computer by pressing and holding the start button.
  • Unplug the computer and remove the battery.
Fix Toshiba Screen is Black After Startup
  • Press and hold for a few seconds the start button.
  • Release the button and plug in the computer.
  • Press the start button and display should return. Change the battery. It will function properly if not….

Tips for Fixing a Toshiba Black Screen

try this …

  • Find and download your tube video for how to disassemble or assemble your laptop model.
  • Remove the processor, RAM, CMOS battery and clean the fan, clean everything.
Fixing a Toshiba Black Screen

Restart your laptop if it doesn’t work.

then try this …

You plug it to an external monitor and you will see that the screen is functioning properly or not, and reconfigure the screen graphics in HD mode with the external monitor screen. At least this tells me that it is not a problem with the hardware. Restart your computer in safe mode.

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Open the Start menu and select:

All Programs -> System Tools -> System Restore

Tips for Fixing a Toshiba Black Screen

Select a restore point dated earlier than when the problem started and then restart.

You must now restore your screen. Install the appropriate antivirus and scan your entire computer and you can also run a Microsoft repair tool to verify or fix errors.

Finally, the only thing I can recommend is resetting your Windows laptop when your Toshiba laptop screen is black.

Follow step by step to reset the Windows computer

Even though the Toshiba laptop screen is black, you can try booting the computer in safe mode. Restart the laptop and when your laptop powering, press F8 several times quickly. Now, you can see black screen with many options.

Just select safe mode with network functions and start your computer in safe mode. and then you can restart the computer.