How to Reset Windows Computer to Factory Settings

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How to Reset Windows Computer to Factory Settings – Dear friends, if you don’t want to lose your data or your program, then you should try to do a restore first.

How to Reset Windows Computer to Factory Settings

Restore the computer to the Return Date

Beside resetting, try to restore your Windows because most of the windows problems occur in Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.8.1 or Windows can be solved by doing a system restore. To know more, follow these easy steps.

  • just press the windows key on your keyboard with the letter R and hold it together
Restore Windows Computer
  • You will see the Run box at the bottom left of the computer screen
Restore Windows Computer rstrui
  • Type rstrui.exe and click ok.
Restore Windows Computer Restrui exe
  • Now click next and follow the instructions and return the computer to the date it was functioning properly.
  • if you can see the exact date when it works well, just look at the bottom of the page and click on show more restore points.
Restore Windows 10 Computer

Now click next and then confirming the restore point, and let the computer be restored. It will consume 20-30 minutes.

Refresh or Reset a Windows Computer

If system recovery doesn’t work, try to reset your computer. But before doing it, you refresh the windows computer. I really recommend you to do full backup of your data.

Then go to the Reset system follow the steps

How to Reset Windows 10

  • Now when you have to reset your Windows 10 computer reboot the computer
  • And go to settings Then click update and recovery.
  • Then, you will see many options such as..
How to Reset Windows 10
  • Click on Reset PC.
  • Now choose keep my file and click next
How to Reset Windows

After you confirm it, the windows reset will restart the computer and the windows reset will begin. Be patient it will take time to get reset

Why Restore and Reset a Windows Computer?

When we will restore or reset the windows computer to factory settings?
Here are the reasons why you need restoring or resetting your windows computer.

COMPUTER SLOW – When the computer works very slow and need more time for processing any command.

Or when freezing the computer recommends, doing a restore or reset a windows computer

Program Not Responding – When the windows program is not responding try uninstalling or installing.